quilt progress.

14 Nov
The quilt continues. Last night I completed twelve squares, bringing the total to 35 thus far. (How’s that for a Friday night? Cutting, sewing, and ironing. Yes. I am 85 years old.) To keep track of the color combinations I have already created, I strung string on my wall so as to easily glance at the completed squares, though I fear I have ran out of string for the twelve I made yesterday.
According to my calculations (which are quite possibly very wrong – we’ll see), I need 18 more squares to have the correct number to create a twin size nine-patch. I bought a deep brown solid for the back of the quilt and still need to determine if I wish to do a single strip of three inch squares around the backside. Perhaps.
I am excited about how the quilt is progressing. Nearly each time I complete a square, I think to myself, “Oo! This is my favorite!” until the next completed square is done and then that one becomes my favorite. I figure this is a good sign that I am enjoying the colors and combinations and hopefully this will transfer to eventually enjoying the quilt as a whole.
Today I pulled out some Tanzanian batik fabric I bought in Iringa last January and think I may include a few squares of that into the quilt. Mungu ibariki Afrika.

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