Scandinavian Saturday.

14 Nov
It can’t be denied – I’m surrounded by Scandinavians. First of all, it’s Minnesota. Second, there are gnomes in a park on the edge of Dawson. No doubt Norwegians and Swedes are a plenty. Thus begins my Scandinavian Saturday …
First, lefse instruction, rolling practice and eating at church. Margaret, a congregation member, volunteered to teach the art of lefse this morning at church. The same tutorial was given last year and was well received. This year, I gathered with perhaps 15 -20 others of all ages in Grace Hall to learn from the expert. (I, of course, have already had lefse learning from THE expert, Aunt Peggy; Margaret’s tutorial was simply a nice refresher course.)
Then, for my afternoon activities, there was a nordic festival of sorts in nearby Madison. My coworker, Karen (seen above as my lefse partner in crime) invited me along to the craft sales there. We browsed the sales in Madison and then ended up shopping our way back to Dawson. We stopped at Loopy’s dollar store in Madison where I believe some good gag gifts are to be found and then a little boutique here in Dawson. It was a fabulous little afternoon of casual shopping and chatting.
Unfortunately, my Scandinavian Saturday ends with there with the nordic festival and lefse. I have no lutefisk to eat for dinner or Norwegian sweater to wear for the evening. Despite the quick end to the Scandinavian activities, it was a good day. Good Saturday.

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