6 Dec

The season of Advent + internship project = after church party!

Each intern is required to have a project – some kind of ministry or such that he/she dreams, develops, and carries out.  My project for the year is to create opportunities for families to gather together in church, to talk about faith, and to equip them to carry on the conversations at home. (Impossible for only one person to do – especially a 26 year old with no children herself – but I hope to plant seeds; even the smallest conversation and take-home tidbit can grow in the years to come.)  The season of Advent created opportunity number one for families to gather and together prepare for the birth of Jesus on Christmas day.  

Today after our second service – the second service at which Pastor Kendall announced my upcoming birthday to the entire congregation at the beginning of his sermon and asked me, “So what are you?  19?” – a lunch was served.  The lunch was then followed by a number of activities in which families and all members of Grace were invited to participate.  There were sugar cookies to decorate, a scavenger hunt (which caused a herd of elephants, err, children to tear across the sanctuary), a story teller with costumes, and crafts galore to keep families busy and entertained together.  

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