small town.

14 Dec
two things –
1. I received a postcard in the mail addressed to 1277 Chestnut. My supervisor lives there; I do not. But mr. postmaster seems to know me, knows my name, and knows where I actually live because I received the postcard in my mailbox at my apartment building with no sort of forwarding stamp or wrong address. It just came here. Small town.
2. When people stop at the gas station or run into the grocery store, no sense in shutting off the car and locking the doors, right? Nope. Just leave the car running and run in to grab coffee or milk. At first it made me feel uneasy but I admit, I did it this morning. I ran into the gas station to grab coffee before work and left Sprocket on and unlocked. After living in St.Paul, it felt unnatural but hey, small town.

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