Uh oh. Yo yo.

19 Dec
I have no idea what I could or would do with such a skill but these fabric yo-yo pieces are certainly fun. Apparently a style from the 1930 and 1940s, I saw hundreds of these sewn together for a coverlet on a bed at a coworker’s house, a project by his grandmother. Creative wheels in my head began turning …

I researched, discovered a tutorial, and happened to have a bag of fun fabrics already cut into circles. (Convenient? I call it fate.) I began playing, creating a yo-yo myself. To create a yo-yo, it’s all hand-stitching; a very mobile project – something I would love to do if I were a passenger in a car for hours. (Not that I have any such trip lined up in the near future.)
For now, the idea will remain in the back of my mind, perhaps for a future project or quilt inspiration. As the yo-yo sits on top of my gospel of Luke commentary, I’m reminded that there is no time for sewing tonight or tomorrow or probably this week at all. I have a sermon to prepare for a care center service tomorrow afternoon and then two sermons plus a children’s sermon to prepare for the week ahead … a very busy most-wonderful-time-of-the-year.

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