20 Dec
The introvert in me has been going a bit haywire in the last few weeks and – not blaming, just saying – that the duties and joys of a pastor are wearing on me a bit. I need a break. A release. Time with friends, family, and people I know well. That time seems a bit far off for the time being and so the pastoral-care-a-lot continues. Here is what has been stressing me out –
– Three funerals in two weeks. (Four actually for the church of Grace but I was only involved in three.) In my first three months of internship, I had to assist in no funerals and suddenly, in the fourth month, we have four in two weeks. Phew. I had to lead prayer services the night before the services and then I have an assisting role in the funerals. (Poor Kendall has had to write four funeral services in two weeks.)
– Before Christmas, we try and visit all of the shut-ins at Grace. Between scheduled visits with shut-ins and hospital visits, my last Thursday consisted of only pastoral care visits of sorts, four in total. They were all lovely conversations and wonderful people to chat with but the introvert in me was killing.
– Listening to others, caring for others, and being there for others seems to be high on the pastor’s plate of priorities. I’ve known this all along and being a number two on the enneagram, I love to help others, to care for others BUT there comes a point. A point when I need others to listen to me, to care for me, and to be there for me. This point has arrived. Currently accepting pastoral care offers. For those of you who have been on the other end of the phone when I have called recently or been patient with my outpouring of emotions, thank you for listening. Thank you for offering the pastor some pastoral care. *wink*

One Response to “pastoral-care-a-lot”

  1. Veronica Alzalde December 21, 2009 at 10:49 am #

    Hang in there Lindsay! You're amazing!

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