Christmas approaches.

20 Dec
It has arrived – Christmas week. In these next three days of work, I have two sermons to write, a children’s sermon to prepare, visits to do, Bible study, and a women’s group potluck. (The last one is optional but I’m strongly encouraged to attend. It is a potluck. With church ladies. My favorite.)
At Grace Lutheran, we hold two services on Christmas Eve (4pm and 6pm) and one on Christmas day (10am). Following the Christmas Eve service, I am invited to my supervisor’s home to celebrate with his family and on Christmas day, Pastor Lori invited me over for a leftover lunch and a movie in our pajamas. (Sounds perfect to me.) The Saturday following I will be traveling to Willmar to party with the Gieseke family and then I preach the next day, Sunday. Phew.
Despite the Christmas carols, the tree in my living room, and my mad rush to send out Christmas cards, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. Eight hours away from home and the holiday seems lacking. I am appreciative to the people of Grace and coworkers here who are trying to make me feel as at home as can be and thankful that I will be busy. Turns out the Christmas season is about home and family and friends. Makes one love and appreciate the time at home, the time with loved ones much more.

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