snow crazy.

26 Dec

(Above: Bicycles outside of my apartment building on Thursday morning.) Beginning on Wednesday, western Minnesota has had constant snow falling from the sky and it has yet to really stop. Add a little wind and the blizzard conditions begin.
We were one of the few churches who held services on Christmas Eve. We had two services, 4pm and 6pm. It was a delightful service with lots of special music, readings, and candle lighting. I was involved in much of the service but my main part was doing the children’s sermon. I called the kids forward and we talked about Jesus being our flashlight. It was fun.
After services, I went to the Stelter’s home (my supervisor and his family) for dinner, gift opening, and a fun game of CatchPhrase. We had meatballs and potatoes, wine and coffee, gifts and games. It was a lot of fun. I wasn’t able to be with my own family but I was thankful to be with another family and a bunch of church ladies. The four older women from church who were there stuck around until midnight, through a long game of CatchPhrase. Hilarious.
I made it back to my apartment after midnight but barely through the snow drifts – I nearly got stuck at one point. Further proof that the next time I’m in a bigger city, I must buy a snow shovel to carry in my trunk. Because the snow was still falling and the wind was blowing, we cancelled our Christmas day service at Grace. My Christmas day plans were also put on hold due to the snow and thus I stayed in my pajamas all day long, watched a lot of Friends, and quilted.
Bicycles on Saturday afternoon
Today, Saturday, was another day in my pajamas, sticking to my apartment as it continued to snow and blow outside. Estimations would lead me to guess that we’ve had over 15 inches fall in the last three days, if not a few more. The old man with no teeth who probably shouldn’t still be driving but parks his maroon van next to my Corolla at the apartment building told me that we have gotten over thirty inches; we only talk when we both happen to be at our vehicles at the same time. I don’t even know his name so whether or not he is a reliable source is still questionable …

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