button excitement.

21 Jan
I was thumbing through a church supply catalog last week in the office when I came across an advertisement for the BADGE-A-MINUTE — a button maker.  I quickly became excited and explained to the admin. extraordinaire that I had purchased one of these for the program I led in Stillwater.  Making one’s own buttons is fun.  
Karen said to me, “We have one of those.”

Grace Lutheran has been holding out on me!  There has been a button maker here, in this building, for the last five months and I only just found it!  Proudly I say that it now resides in my office, ready for any button emergencies I may land upon.  
Today it served Kendall and I well.  We made a happy birthday button for Karen, complete with the number of her birthday in hebrew letters so she wouldn’t feel like she had to broadcast her age to all who saw her button.  (The hebrew is probably sketchy … we kind of just made it up.)

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