21 Jan

Do Day is the name for the Monday of the month in which the church ladies gather in the basement of the church and sew, cut, pin, and tie quilts to send to Lutheran World Relief.  Last year they sent nearly 100 quilts to the non-profit which then boxes them up and sends them to people in need around the globe.  
I make a point to attend do-day each month, if it’s possible, and tie a few quilt with them.  I came this month with my camera, to be able to share do-day with you, my faithful blog readers.  Because it’s church and because they’re chruch ladies, there is always coffee and goodies to go along with it.  I missed coffee time this past month but when I got there, one of the Dorothys insisted that I get coffee and something to eat.  This is the same Dorothy who insists that I drink coffee and eat something in between church services on Sundays.  She will literally get up from the table, fill my cup, and bring a treat of some kind and set it in front of me.  And you can’t tell forceful old ladies ‘no.’

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