happiness is –

17 Feb
This week has been stressful.
It’s been emotional in the crying sense of the word.
Despite the downer days that seem to have invaded my week, herein lies my happiness:
… the fun-size pack of Starburst that, once unwrapped, I discover holds both a red and a pink. My favorite Starburst flavors.
… the third grade boy who tends to be disruptive, needs to be redirected a lot, and sometimes is a bit sassy in my release time class is the one who absolutely ROCKS the Bible trivia game we played. That makes my heart grin from valve to aortic pump.
… my preschool buddy, C., who visited my table at least three times during the lenten dinner, just to jump around and say hi. It was recently his birthday. I asked him, “Hey, C, how old are you?” He told me 44 and insisted upon it. “You’re older than me!” I told him. His mother later clarified that he is four years old and weighs 44 pounds.
… I discover that my favorite go-to paper store, Paper Source, has a blog.
… friends whom I love and who listen to my crying rants at 11pm via gmail chat.
… a 20 minute reading slot as the “community reader” for a first grade class at the elementary school. The leader of my intern committee is their teacher and invited me over for the honor. A new favorite children’s book: The Paper Bag Princess.
… my supervisor’s sense of humor. love it.
… second and third graders who insist on giving me hugs when I pick them up for release time every Wednesday.
… a ridiculously awesome mail week.
… recognizing that I finally feel completely comfortable with where I am. Dawson and Grace Lutheran have become [a] home.

One Response to “happiness is –”

  1. Jenna February 23, 2010 at 10:11 am #

    I would just like to point out the the title of this blog entry is also the name of a shop in Decorah. Coincidence? Probably not.

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