mail call.

19 Feb
I mentioned in the previous post that I have had a 
very exciting mail week … 
1. The annual Valentine’s card from Mom, of course with a Hershey bar inside.  (Growing up, Mom and Dad would always put a Valentine’s day card and a Hershey bar in our lunches when going to school.  The tradition has continued.)
2. A Valentine’s envelope from Grandma and Grandpa included the Edgerton Reporter and a quilting magazine.
3.  My two magazine subscriptions came on the same day!  Bonus!
4.  One Yard Wonders, a soon-to-be-dangerous-to-my-productivity book, sent from a family friend, Katja, to “help the lonely winter go by a little faster.”  All of the patterns/projects inside (from bags to purses to pot holders to organizational dreams) are made from only one yard of fabric.
5.  A gnome lunchbox!  A Valentine’s package from the Karen, Mark, and Ben, complete with the plates (also pictured), a matching bowl, and glass.  I am most certainly going to carry my lunches to seminary in this lunch box next year, perhaps with Borg (the gnome) inside!
And one last piece of mail that graced my box this week –
Below is the vintage Valentine postcard I received from Grandpa Sid.  
Pretty much the sweetest Valentine ever.  

One Response to “mail call.”

  1. Kara Donahue February 20, 2010 at 2:13 pm #

    Love the vintage valentine… but is it strange that prince charming has 2 princesses? 🙂

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