another summary.

7 Mar

Say you were to approach me tomorrow.  Say you asked, “So, Lindsay, how was your weekend?”  

I would say, “Hey!  Thanks for asking!  It was pretty good.”  
If that answer wasn’t long or detailed enough, here’s how I would proceed:

– I saw Avatar.  Finally.  It was wonderful and I may or may not have shed a few tears behind my 3D glasses.
– Buttercrunch almond toffee.  Success.  The first candy I’ve made that required a candy thermometer and fancy things.  Packaged and ready for the mail tomorrow.
– New fabric for one yard wonder constructions.  To begin with grocery totes.  Excited.
– A good part of my weekend was spent wearing these around my apartment, trying to convince myself that they’re not too big for my head and that they weren’t a stupid purchase.  This picture is for you, Emma.
– A Sunday of two baptisms.  Beautiful babies welcomed into the body of Christ.
– I ran two miles.  Like seriously.  Two miles without stopping.  I impressed myself.
– New biscotti recipe.  Epic fail.  Added chocolate on top.  That makes everything better.
– Watched Thursday night’s episode of The Office twice.  Props to the show; it was better than I have come to expect this season.  (“Wrong baby!  Wrong baby!”)
– Saturday night quilting/chatting.  Perfect.

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