A typical week.

14 Mar
The joke amongst pastors is that many people in the general public are under the impression that we only work one hour per week – leading worship on Sunday mornings.  I’ve had a few people ask me lately what a typical week looks like for me as an intern.  Well, let me tell you —
Sundays: I arrive at church by 7:30 and prepare for my role in the two services we have each Sunday, 8:30 and 10:45.  Between services, either Pastor Kendall or I lead confirmation class.  Typically, the pastor who is not preaching is planning and leading the lesson with the 7th – 9th graders.  Once a month after the second service, I plan mentor meetings, which pair confirmands with an adult other than a parent for guided conversation/activity centered on faith.  Once every so often, I also am in charge of leading an afternoon service at the care center in Dawson.  Monthly SNL (Sunday Night Live) events are reasons to play mini-golf, go to a movie, or hang out with 5 – 12th graders.
Mondays: The first thing I typically do on Monday morning is find my desk.  Due to the previous week and the chaos of Sunday morning, it’s usually in need of much attention.  Every third Monday is Do-Day which translates to Lindsay hanging out with the quilting ladies.  I then plan and prepare for the weekly Monday afternoon women’s Bible study.    

Tuesdays: Staff meetings normally fill this morning.  It’s not unusual for staff meetings to last until 1pm.  I kinda love staff meetings … which feels like a strange thing to say … but laughter and coffee are always present.  The only thing that kind of frustrates me about staff is that I tend to leave with a longer to-do list than when I came!  
Wednesdays: Wednesdays consist of the preparation and then teaching my third grade release time class at 2pm and confirmation at 3:30.  (Again, Kendall and I switch off teaching.)  In the evening, there are meetings, meetings, meetings.  Some Wednesday nights only have one but there have also been nights of four.  Currently during Lent, we also have Lenten dinner and the Holden service at 7pm.
Thursdays:  Two Thursdays a month are partially reserved for either local ministerium meetings (the gathering of local clergy in Dawson – ELCA and other) and conference meetings (the gathering of all ELCA pastors in the conference).  Thursday is also the day that my supervisor and I have scheduled to check-in and catch-up.  (The seminary requires supervisors/interns to meet for one hour a week to discuss non-calendar/programatic items.  We try to make this happen but sometimes the week runs away from us …) 
That is a typical week … but what week is truly typical?  Whenever there isn’t something on the calendar, as listed above, feel free to add any/all of the following: sermon preparation/writing (at least eight hours, please), hospital visits, shut-in visits, additional worship services, the occasional funeral, more Bible studies, worship planning, dreaming about Easter eggs hunts containing 60 dozen eggs, additional event planning, reading, playing baseball in the hallway, etc.

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