weekend update.

14 Mar
On SNL, they have a weekend update.  Here’s mine:
  • I drove to the Cities to meet up with friends.  Highlight numero uno: Art Scraps with Sara.  
  • Board games, birthdays, and balls!  We gathered at my college roommate’s abode to celebrate her birthday and the birthday of another college friend.  Carcassonne and Settlers were the games.  The balls were cake.
  • A sleepover with my college roommate.  While her husband fell asleep early, we stayed awake until 3am, catching up on work, families, and everything in between.  It reminded me of our years at Luther and oh, how I miss that.
  • A wonderful afternoon reconnecting with a friend over coffee and the vegetarian #6 sandwich at Jimmy John’s.  He’s teaching me – the daughter of a beef cattle farmer – the ways of vegetarianism.  
  • I felt in my element today at church.  We used Marty Haugen’s Now the Feast and Celebration at the first service (Love it.  It reminds me of when I played flute at East every other Sunday.) and sang an offertory song at the second service that I have began to love.  Confirmation between services was a lot of fun as we all got involved in the retelling of the Jacob-and-Esau saga.  The conversation turned often to sex; I think they like to see me squirm.  I planned and led the care center service followed by a few hospital visits.  Phew.  It was a long day and a good day.

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