Reason #141.

14 Mar
Reason #141 why I love St.Paul, MN : Art Scraps.
My friend, Sara, discovered this gem of a shop on the corner of St.Clair and Pascal in St.Paul.  
It. is. an. art. thrift. store.
As in people can bring in things that they have too many of, things that they don’t use, things that have potential as an art project.  It’s like a Goodwill for art supplies and factory overstock.  It’s non-profit and runs on donations.  And it is the best store.  Ever.
Sara will vouch for me – I got a little excited when I first started exploring the possibilities.  I wanted to buy 20 purple cardboard boxes not because I knew exactly what I would use them for but because they were only ten cents a piece.  (I actually bought 22.)  I wanted to buy a roll of shiny blue metallic foil not because I knew what I would do with it but because it was cool.  Oh my, and the stacks of paper, sold by the inch.  The barrels of old trophies, doll heads, and wine corks.  I could have stayed a lot longer than Sara’s lunch break allowed us to stay.
So I went back the next morning.  I was only in St.Paul for the weekend and I needed more purple boxes.  And a few more yards of that silver twist-tie ribbon.  Maybe just to browse a bit more to see if I could think of a use for a bucket of bottle caps.  (Negative.)  And to think that the inventory fluctuates constantly as people bring in more and more art scraps.  I will definitely become a frequent shopper … and it makes me feel so hippie cool doing it.  

One Response to “Reason #141.”

  1. Jeanette March 14, 2010 at 11:04 pm #

    I think I need to visit this store! Oooo the possibilities!!!

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