Easter visitors!

6 Apr
My mom and sister made the trek to Dawson to spend Easter with me … or at least near me/in my apartment while I worked. They arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday morning. It is an eight hour drive from Edgerton to Dawson – phew! – and I certainly hope they feel it was worth the gas and time in a car!
I was excited to play host and to show them around my current “home” for the last seven months. I think it offered my mom some degree of comfort to see my living situation and meet my coworkers, to understand that this is a good place for me and to see that I am really happy with where I am at. My coworkers were (of course) awesome at welcoming and greeting and there were a few congregation members who weren’t shy either. My mom heard over and over, whether from the pew of ladies sitting behind us or other off-the-cuff comments, how she looks like a sister to me rather than a mother. Ego boost!
We did the church thing, shopped in Dawson, met the gnomes, and took the grand tour of the town. We also hung out a lot at my apartment, watched a fair amount of Friends, and all napped at various points. It was pretty much as low-key as you can get for a weekend away but it was enjoyable to have them here. I hope that they agreed that it was enjoyable to be here!

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