Wedding weekend!

12 Apr

My best man duties were put to the test this weekend. Could I :
  1. Get manicures and facials with the groom-to-be?
  2. Organize, set-up and participate in the bachelor party?
  3. Accompany the groom in getting ready/calming nerves before ceremony?
  4. Walk without tripping on my heels?
  5. Be any more excited? [No!]

It was a wonderful weekend and I couldn’t have been more honored and more happy to be with Adam throughout it all. I LOVED being a best man – HIS best man. It was simply an absolute joy to hang out with him. It has been a long while since Adam and I had spent time together so to be with him this weekend was great.
The wedding was perfect. beautiful. all things lovely. Both Kara and Adam looked overjoyed to be walking down the aisle and promising their lives to each other in front of family and friends. I’m so happy for them both and the new joys they will discover in this journey!
[[ Click the play button in the bottom task bar, beneath the photo, to begin a slideshow of more wedding photos! ]]

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