bucket list.

18 Apr
There is a congregation couple at Grace that recently took a trip to Italy. As the woman was sharing the experience with our Bible study group, she kept referring to her husband’s bucket list. They went to Pompeii because it was on her husband’s bucket list … it made me think about what would be on my bucket list.

Urban Dictionary defines a bucket list, tactfully as always, like this — “a list of things you think you might need to accomplish because you feel your own mortality closing the door on you; you feel insecure about your life and therefore make a list of things to get busy on.”

I’ve decided to make one. Here’s my start:

Visit South America
Fall in love. Marry. Have babies.
Become a published writer.
Write a blog. Bribe people to follow it.
Grow my own garden.
Take a dance class.
Read the entire Bible.
Plant trees.
Play broomball.
Visit Austrailia.
Learn to play guitar.
Go kayaking.
Host a murder mystery dinner party.
Canoe the Boundary Waters.
Cut down a Christmas tree at a tree farm.
Make my own hummus.
Go on a camping trip.
Paint a room a crazy color.
Own a dog.
Make my own kinder eggs. Temper chocolate.
Take a volun-tourism trip.
Go snow-shoeing.
Watch LOTR extended versions, beginning to end, in one sitting with a friend.
Sleep outside.
Sip coffee for hours at a European cafe.
Visit old Quebec City, Canada.
Purchase and then use far too much a digital SLR camera.

… to be continued.

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