life lately.

18 Apr
A. I spent the weekend at the Southwestern Minnesota Synod Assembly. It was my first assembly to attend; it was an educational and tiring experience. Kendall and I left on Friday night for Redwood Falls (a town about 65 miles southeast of Dawson), set up the Luther Seminary informational booth, and then met up with Lori for a delicious, hilarious dinner of repeated and serious conversation. Assembly all day Saturday and most of Sunday, with a candy bar party in the hotel dining area sandwiched between the two days. Our congregation was invited to bring four delegates – that’s who we partied with – the delegates and candy bars. We were a bit rowdy. (This is when I was told by another pastor who attended the “party,” as we talked about seminary and costs, “Well, you’re obviously not married, so how do you support yourself?” Obviously? How am I OBVIOUSLY not married?! My hands were under the table so it was not based on the lack of ring!)
The Church-wide Assembly decision regarding the ordination of homosexual pastors in committed relationships continues to be discussed and addressed in our synod. It was interesting to sit back and listen to the discussion, to the opinions on both sides. Comments were respectful for the most part regarding the decision, about which a resolution was brought forward to return the decision to the next church-wide assembly. The resolution narrowly failed (to which I said a silent “woot”).
B. Friends and I continue to be inseparable. Now onto the fourth viewing of the entire series. (Currently Eddie is Chandler’s creepy roommate. “So when I woke up this morning, I realized he’d stolen all the insoles from my shoes.” Love it.)
C. I planted my window garden – marigolds, chives, oregano, zinnia and geranium. It’s in the experimental stage; my mother is the one with the green thumb, not me. Hopefully something green comes of the planting! I’m excited to water and watch! Thanks to the Gieseke’s for the garden supplies, including trowel and gloves! I’ll keep you updated on the growth!
D. Turns out I’m on top of a latest “faddy food” – cake balls! Click on the link to the Cake Ball Company within the article and it appears I could create these fun little balls of cake and make quite a profit. Place your order now!
E. Monthly quilting with the ladies tomorrow along with Bible study – beginning a series on the lament psalms. Mailings to go out. Internship cluster meeting on Tuesday. Confirmation on Wednesday. Local ministerium meeting on Thursday. First communion lock-in on Friday. Preaching on Sunday. Gearing up for another busy week of ministry. Love it!
F. I want to make these (cute clothespins – already have the washi paper tape) and these (fabric bags made simply from old vintage pillowcases).

2 Responses to “life lately.”

  1. mahzzot April 18, 2010 at 9:55 pm #

    Cake Balls!

  2. mary peters April 19, 2010 at 11:07 am #

    Lindsey I love the pillowcase bags! You find the best stuff! Please post a picture if you get around to making one!Mary

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