vbs day dos

14 Jun

Because I love it so much [proof seen above], you get the daily play-by-play. Day two is done and behind us. We sang more rainforest songs, introduced the parable of the lost sheep with a super-engaging skit, played games, tie-dyed tshirts, and survived the rain (which was only to be expected in the rainforest). The VBS goers are also bringing in all their coins to throw into our wishing pond for our coin quest; we’re trying to raise $350 to buy a dairy cow through Lutheran World Relief! We’re going to try our hardest … but may end up with only enough pennies, dimes and quarters for a few hens and chicks. (Which is still great!)
Tomorrow: Another night together for dinner, songs, and chaos. And the craft? Rainsticks! We will be giving the children hammers and nails … watch out!
The first and second graders had the privilege of eating in the rainforest tent tonight.

The pre-k and kindergarten group was the best at squirting their shirts with dye! (They also get points for being the cutest!) Karen, the tie-dye expert, explains how the process works.

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