VeeBeeS #3

15 Jun
Tonight was wonderful, less chaotic, and just plain fun. The campers are into the routine now so things go much more smoothly and they continue to have lots of fun as they hear about parables, craft things, play games (I had some major sweaty third grade boys tonight after wild games of kickball in the church parking lot.), sing songs with lots of wild actions, and be herded about by their shepherd leaders.

It was a rainstick-making paradise on second floor for crafts tonight. Many of the kids were extremely dedicated to their work, decorating their packing tubes with ribbon, paint, and sequins, and filling them with rice, cotton balls, and magic beans. There were looks of intense concentration and even a few smiles; I think they’re having fun.
The highlight of the night for me was our opening time all together in the sanctuary. As I mentioned last night, we are collecting coins to buy a dairy cow through Lutheran World Relief – three hundred and fifty dollars worth of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. The kids were so excited to throw their coins into the wishing pond and anticipated the revealing of the amount of money we made last night. We projected a chart on the screen – one “coin” on the chart was equal to $10 so there were a total of 35 “coins” on the chart. Everyone yelled, “Show us a cow!” and a cow would appear on top of each coin for the money that was raised. (Confused? I’m having a hard time explaining it. If you’ve given up understanding, just know that it was AWESOME.) We yelled, “Show us a cow!” FOURTEEN times. That’s right – there was $140 in our wishing pond just last night alone!
I was absolutely blown away by the amount of money the campers brought in last night and I’m certain there was just as much in the wishing pond tonight. (Tammy will take tonight’s money to the bank to be counted early tomorrow morning.) We are well on our way to buying ourselves a dairy cow for a family who will use it for milk and to make a living. The campers are super pumped about making our goal so here’s to hoping tomorrow will bring in the rest that we need!

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