cookie success.

28 Jul

Remember how I shared a link to these? They arrived in the mail last Thursday and were a part of my past wkend haiku goal. Success. (I would like to note that the entire haiku was a success. Haiku accomplished … though I think it was only one pot of coffee, not multiple as the plural ‘pots’ suggests. Oh well. Something to work on next weekend.)
To every single person with whom I talk about these cookie cutters, I say this line in awe commingled with indescribable joy : The possibilities are endless!
Seriously. Think of all of the phrases with which to stamp different colored cookies!
I’ll admit, they’re a fair bit of work. They came with a very specific recipe to use and it takes quite the effort to roll it out with the right consistency. But I will also admit the work is worth it. I mailed off a few boxes of the cookies (stamped with names and inside jokes alike), delivered a pair of “Happy Monday” cookies to each of my coworkers, and hope to have more cookie surprises for others soon.
All in all, a delicious buy. More fun is yet to be had.

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