In other news –

28 Jul
… big projects on the horizon at church. A day camp? Yes, please! Confirmation retreat? Great! Completely owning Sunday worship for the month of August? Bring it! A city-wide scavenger hunt to create? Sweet! Twenty page approval essay for the candidacy process due to the seminary by Sept. 1? Ugh.
… I will have visitors in the form of grandparents and aunts for the next TWO weekends! I’m looking forward to family.
… new sewing projects. Always good.
… a care center conversation :
Me: Would you like a ride to lunch, M.?
M: That would be lovely. (looks at me more closely) That’s an interesting sweater you have on.
Me: It’s kinda a summer sweater. (it’s cropped with short sleeves. a cardigan, of course.) There’s not much to it.
M: (almost disapprovingly) I noticed.
… I’m training for a 10k run. Hilarious, right? Well, a schedule is what I need to stay on track with getting to the gym and this is helping! The 10k is actually imaginary; people ask me when it is and I say it isn’t. I’m not signed up for one but it’s still good motivation. I’m two weeks in and still on schedule. We’ll see how the 3.5 mile run this weekend treats me with calves that hate me right now.
… I’m excited to be blogging from a new location next week. Stay tuned for my change of venue and I’ll introduce you to my roommate-for-the-week!

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