creation camp (1).

10 Aug

I pled with the staff many months ago for the opportunity to hold a day camp. After a couple summers in Stillwater, I knew that I would miss the many camps and children/youth activities that I so enjoyed at church. Dates were put on the calendar, information mailed, a dozen kids signed up. Here we go.

We have all sorts of fun planned for the four-day camp, including but not limited to making ice cream in baggies, ridiculous games, holding competitions to bring no-waste lunches, opposite day fun, frozen tshirts, terrariums, decorating team creation sheets, and making sidewalk chalk.

Highlight of the last two days – the “everyone-needs-to-have-both-feet-off-the-ground-for-three-seconds-using-this-wooden-box” teambuilder. These fourteen first through sixth graders worked together in impressive ways to accomplish the task at hand. Really, the group has been amazing in so many ways. They get along splendidly, work to include everyone, and can easily begin and sustain a game by themselves. These first two days have been a complete joy and I only anticipate the next/last two to be the same. It’s been a blast and I hope the campers agree!

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