million + one

12 Aug
The millionth plus one reason to love Dawson –
I was still at church at 6pm this evening. Day camp had concluded but other pastoral duties – the ones I had lapsed on for the beginning portion of the week – still needed attending to, including the choosing of hymns so the bulletin could be printed the following morning. La di da … I’m choosing hymns, hanging out in the main office by myself when Emily comes to get me. Apparently, there are storms. Tornado warnings. I’m oblivious to it all in my ELW-concentrated world. “Come with us,” Emily demanded (in the most caring way possible). Okay.
Dinner, a few beverages (You know. Milk.), and many laughs/hours later, I’m on my way home back to church to retrieve my car and head home. An unexpected good night. I will miss random, unplanned late nights at the Stelter’s.

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