good week.

28 Aug
Even though it was my last week in Dawson, it was a good one. Let me give you the play-by-play :
Monday: I was treated once again to supper with C. and his family. They have been so wonderful to invite me over many times for supper and games. I built towers out of blocks and C. knocked them over. We ate awesomely decorated cupcakes and played a game about aphids. C.’s little sister seems to finally have adjusted to me. She gave me a hug before I left and jabbered away to me before dinner – super cute. I’m just sad it’s only happening now when I’m leaving!
Tuesday: Hamballs. (See the previous apology letter to the balled food.)
Wednesday: Taste of Grace. An annual pork chop supper in the courtyard at church to benefit the youth mission trip fund. We had a great turn out and the perfect weather to sit outside under a tent and enjoy the food. This was a good night because I got to see many of the youth that I haven’t seen since confirmation – I think I’ve missed them? No, not a question – I really have.
Thursday: My inevitable leaving was a reason to party at Stelter’s on this evening. The whole staff plus Lori (and spouses and children) came out for a delicious dinner and a good time. I should make it be known that it was, in many ways, an evening of worship. We prayed many times (every twenty minutes for fellowship) and worked our way through the hymnal, singing everything from ‘A Mighty Fortress is Our God’ to one that resembled a polka – so polka in the living room we did. There really is no way to explain how much fun we had this evening. Hands down – love, love, LOVE the staff at Grace.
Friday: One more movie night with my new friend, the organist. We worked together for this entire year (aka He began playing hymns as I tried to speak and then just smirked into his organ music as I stopped talking, defeated.) and I continue to kick myself that we didn’t become friends or start hanging out until the last month of my life in Dawson. We watched Up! Classic. (Kevin’s a girl?)
Tonight: I continue to work on my sermon, pack up my last things, and wait for my mother’s arrival later this evening. Though she was just here last weekend, she returns for my last Sunday at Grace. And to hear me be roasted during coffee hour. Not going to lie – I’m nervous.

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