gnome, gnome in Dawson.

6 Sep
To the tune of Home on the Range, this ditty was sung for me during coffee hour on my last Sunday.  I’m not sure who to credit as the author … ?  And not sure about the lawnmower verse?  Check out the link for the embarrassing explanation!

Home, home in Dawson
Where under bridges gnomes play
Where seldom is heard
A discouraging word
And the snow can blow all day.

Gnome, gnome in Dawson
Where Intern Lindsay’s at Grace
Where she’s learned a lot
And become a part
Of the work in God’s holy place.

Gnome, gnome in Dawson
Where Lindsay teaches the kids
They all have great fun
And when they are done
They’ve learned a lot about God.

Gnome, gnome in Dawson
Where a blind girl drives a lawnmower
She drives to the right
And my, what a sight!
She goes in circles some more.

Gnome, gnome in Dawson
It’s time for Lindsay to part
May you enjoy your next year
And with a big tear
We send you love from our heart.

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  1. A thursday giggle. | there's no place like gnome. - November 7, 2013

    […] And seems to me, I recall a song about gnomes written to this tune already … one of the many wonderful ways the gnome folk of Dawson sent me off at the end of internship over three years ago.  Sing along here. […]

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