pieces of home.

6 Sep
I was in limbo for a week.  I finished in Dawson but wasn’t quite ready to begin classes.  After dropping off my belongings at my new apartment on the Luther Seminary campus, I trekked home for a week of relaxing and time with family and friends … AFTER I took Tuesday and Wednesday to write, proofread, and fret about my approval paper due for candidacy.  (As a senior at seminary, I go through the approval process, where the faculty along with representatives from my home synod must agree and approve me for ordained ministry.  Step one of approval: the dreaded 17-20 page essay.)  After the essay was complete and emailed to the proper people, this is what I enjoyed …
… This is the view and how I (and my short, stubby toes) sat each morning and some evenings, often with a bowl of cereal or a mug of coffee in hand.  A screened-in porch with comfy wicker furniture.  After spending a year in western Minnesota, I appreciate the trees and the rolling hills more than before.  (Though there is something to be said for the open sky as well.)
The view of the old farm where I grew up from my backyard.
… An evening of bananagrams with a few of my own bananas and some of the guys.  Lynn and Kyle added a dimension to the addicting game – instead of yelling,”Peel!” when appropriate, a word or phrase is assigned in its place.  “Frigidaire.”  “The man punted Baxter.”  “Marshmallow.”
… Brunch and a matinee performance of Hairspray at the Fireside Dinner Theater with the ladies – aunts, cousins, grandma, sister and mother.  Very enjoyable.
… Many Target runs with various people.
… An Edgerton High School visit to see an always favorite band director, a wonderful administrative assistant, and, of course, Aunt Peggy.
… A dual birthday part night for sister, Emma, who turned 18, and Grandma Julie.  The most perfect night to be outside for a campfire.  Cousin Sam likes his s’more.

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