babies and blankets.

7 Sep
Remember this little guy born back at the end of January?  I made Gavin a quilt when he was born.   It was my first baby quilt, my second-ever completed quilt.  Gavin is the son of a Dancing Banana, the silly name for the closest of all close high school friends.  The Bananas and I have called ourselves that since our sophomore year of high school.  (The seven of us are still friends, stay in frequent contact and will buy anything banana-themed for one another.) Before that, we were the Oatmeal gang.  (It’s best if you don’t ask questions.)

I was tickled pink when Gavin came over with his daddy, Mat, of whom the baby boy is the splitting image.  Gavin came, roll-y thighs and all, with his baby quilt in tow.  So incredibly cute this eight-month old is – I didn’t want to put him down or hand him over to anyone else.  Gavin makes Lindsay feel maternal.  

My second-ever baby quilt was gifted to my cousin, Marissa, while I was home.  Marissa is due with her third child but first girl!  There is no baby yet.  Baby Girl Hanson is due to arrive on October 3rd.  I thought the pink might be a bit lacking in the hand-me-downs from Drew and Logan and I knew another baby quilt project would be fun to tackle.  
I had promised to show Karen this quilt before I left Dawson … and forgot.  Here it is for show-and-tell in photo form.  Know that it is soft, flannel and the backing is made from pink minky fabric (like this) … and that I’m short and unable to get the whole quilt in the picture.  But you get the point.  

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