new year.

7 Sep
From this point on, it’s a new year. 
First, the blogging will continue but in a different way.  I’m no longer in Dawson (still crying about that one occasionally) and no longer on internship but in blogging throughout last year, I discovered that I like it and many people told me they like reading it.  It’s pretty darn narcissistic – hey, Lindsay, write about yourself and people will read it.  In many ways, in many posts, this blogging thing is helpful to me in processing and working through life.  It’s therapeutic (and something tells me I’ll need lots of therapeutic writing time this year).  Even if no one read it, I would continue.  So I’ll keep writing and if you want to keep reading, you are more than welcome.  
Second, a new school year.  Today was day number one.  My roommate and I decided we should take the traditional first-day-back-to-school pictures to show off our first day outfits and eager smiles.  Eager?  Well.  Something like that.  My family always took back-to-school pictures in front of the fridge; Jeanette said hers were taken in the birch tree.  We’re doing ours in the hallway because, frankly, the rest of our apartment is still unorganized and chaotic.  (Little by little the boxes are unpacked!)  It will be the last first day of school I have.   Ever.  (leap of joy)
Pretty in pink.
A cardigan, of course!
I only had one class this afternoon – a three-hour pastoral care class in which I will learn to communicate nonviolently and take care of myself and others (because all of those go together).  In the midst of this three-hour class, I bet I heard comments start with, “When I was on internship -” or “Being a senior -” at least ten times.  That’s the kind of language I hated as a junior and middler.  But now it’s me.  That’s how I start sentences.  I’m a senior?  Whoa.  I’m a senior!  
… a wee bit of height difference.  She can reach the top shelves!

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