I love fall.

19 Sep
I love fall.  But don’t tell spring.  I feel that every season has its own value and unique character but fall and spring are my babies.  When I’m in the midst of fall, I say I love fall the most.  In the middle of the muddy, rainy spring, I’ll say spring is my favorite.  I guess you could say I’m a fair-weather fan.  (har har)  I’ve been loving the weather recently.  The chance to wear my long-sleeved cardigans.  To sleep with heavy quilts weighing down upon me.  The crispness of the air.
The black-eyed susan in need of dead-heading (which, really, is a terrible verb in every sense of the word).
Autumn sedum doing its fall transformation.
The corn nearing harvest and the wood, stacked and prepared to warm the house for winters ahead.

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