wkend of procrastination.

19 Sep
The first reason for my weekend trip home was to return my mother’s vehicle and regain mine.  I was happy to do the exchange.  While my mother’s SUV aided well in the initial moving stage, I’m not such a fan of driving the vehicle in the city traffic.  I’m quite content with my small Corolla, thankyouverymuch.
So we did the vehicle exchange.  Check.  Then I kinda shrugged my shoulders.  What else was I to do?  I brought homework home with me, the 300 or so pages I’m assigned to have read for tomorrow.  I could do homework … or … I could find other ways to procrastinate.  This is what I came up with —
Five out of the seven Dancing Bananas (the high school crew) were reunited as Allison visited from Texas for one night only.  We pride ourselves in staying in touch and getting connected whenever we are home, eight and a half years after we graduated from high school and went our separate ways.
Sister Emma, cousin Molly, and I took a shopping trip.  Crazy to think, but Edgerton homecoming is this week already so my sister was in need of proper clothing (from an animal print jacket that, according to cousin Connor, probably has mice living in it, to the perfect jewelry to complete the homecoming dance dress).  We drank coffee, shopped, and ate lunch with Jimmy John.  And Molly picked out her Halloween costume.
For some reason, I can’t save this picture rotated.  Please rotate your head instead.
Other procrastination adventures included enjoying a few games of slimy fetch with Jetta, a movie and pizza night with a few of the cousins, and church with Aunt Kari and a few of those cousins.  I brought my best procrastination techniques back to St.Paul with me.  Since arriving back at my apartment early this evening, I have hosted a friend for dinner, washed the dishes, pounded a few nails, made myself a mug of tea to combat this scratchy throat, and now updated the blog.  Those hundreds of pages to read for tomorrow?  Starting now.  I promise.

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