my love: google reader.

20 Sep
I had this discussion with my brother when I was home last weekend – We love Google.  Taking over the world maybe they are but I’m in love with many of their applications.  Gmail.  Google chat.  This blog is on a Google program.  (Thank you, Google.)  Picasa for photo sharing.  Google Docs for surveys and sharing of papers. (… which I never did give you a tutorial on, Sharon.  Let me know what your needs are for it and I can email directions!)  And finally, the greatest of my loves: Google Reader.
I love me some Reader.  I pull it up and have it open alongside my email and facebook each day.  I get excited to browse through it, never knowing what I will find in the feeds.  I subscribe to different feeds – NPR, CNN, BBC – but I’ll be honest right off the bat – I don’t often read those.  I’ll look at the headlines but rarely go beyond that.  The main object of my Reader?  Crafty ideas, sewing tutorials, fabric loving, creative home decor, and tasty new recipes.  I have found all sorts of blogs, all sorts of projects, all sorts of fun things to do because of my subscriptions in Reader.   People sometimes tell me, “Lindsay, you’re so creative.”  Really?  No.  The compliment should really be, “Lindsay, you’re so good at finding cool things to copy on Google Reader.”  Aw, shucks.

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