farmer’s market.

28 Sep
My friend, Sara, and I had a sleepover on Friday night.  We drank our favorite almond champagne from Trader Joe’s, watched The Big Bang Theory on dvd, compared making-our-own-hummus-stories (Sara’s was a success.  Mine not.), and checked in – it had been a while since we’d seen each other even though there are only ten minutes separating us.  (Well, ten minutes plus homework, jobs, families, other friends.  We’re busy people.  As are all of you.)

We decided on the St.Paul farmer’s market for our next day activity.  We grabbed coffee on the way this slightly rainy, kinda icky Saturday morning and found a place to park near the downtown market. Had I the time or the plans to be home in the following days, I certainly would have stocked up on my veggie produce.  We both did walk away with various flavored honey sticks (Perfect for tea!) and a bouquet of flowers for $6.  I also brought home some pie pumpkins with the hopes of making something pumpkin-y from scratch in the near future.  The plan is to go again this Saturday, hopefully with soup recipes in mind, to take advantage of the produce!  

Overheard at the farmer’s market —
Man: How are you today?
Vendor: Every day above ground is a good one!

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