attic tour.

28 Sep
THE attic.
Remember back with me to my last day at Grace in Dawson.  Nearly a month has passed.  I still miss it, no doubt.  (Stay tuned for another blog post about a short return trip to gnometown.)  On that last day, I got the much-promised tour of the church attic by the custodian I call Keith (or Batman), the custodian who calls me Sunshine.  We had talked about touring the attic many times; I promised Keith I wasn’t too chicken to meet the bats (while, secretly, I really would shriek if I found one swooping in my general direction).  With no further days to do it, up the ladders I went in my Nine West heels, along with other interested coworkers and coworker’s children.  Sharon documented the occasion for me.  Ready?
Up I go …
Second level.  I’m. so. scared.  (Not really.)
Made it.  I don’t see any bats …

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