Miss M.

28 Sep
M. and I go way back.  I first babysat for her as a baby, when she lived with her parents in a town near Edgerton and when her mom worked with my mom.  M. moved to St.Paul and then, conveniently, so did I!  While on internship in Dawson, I was away for a year and now that I’ve returned, I enjoy M. more than ever.  She’s nearly five and full of songs, smiles, and a great sense of humor.  
My favorite thing about spending time with M. since returning to St.Paul in the last month?  
M. loves to craft things.  Most specifically?  Crafting anything with tape.  I laughed with absolute joy when she proclaimed, kneeling at her craft table, “I love tape.”  *scotch tape in hand, ripping another long piece with which to attach a feather or button*  “I love tape,” she said again.
And that is why M. and I are now best friends.  Because I love tape too!  I told M. of the magical tape I own, the Happy Tape with patterns and colors.  I brought the special tape with me to M.’s the next time I visited and we crafted again.  With tape.  I love tape.  (And I’m not just saying that because I see the tape.  I love lamp.)  M. also knows about Art Scraps; we have a field trip planned to the art thrift store soon!

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