6 Oct
It’s been the Center for Biblical Preaching conference at Luther these last few days.  The campus welcomed well over two hundred preachers for plenary addresses, workshops and worship opportunities to dive into preaching as a ‘matter of life and death.’  As a student, I spent my days in regular classes, unable to attend any of the plenary sessions by the accomplished professors and preachers that the conference featured.  I was, however, able to hear three of them preach in chapel.  
It’s kinda crazy how excited, how enthused, and how intrigued I was to hear these people preach.  I mean, these people have written books on preaching and are known in the preaching “field.”  After being out on internship, preaching myself, and continuing to preach in senior year preaching labs, it’s an area of great interest.  Monday chapel’s sermon called us to recognize our role as not the human race, but the human family by a passionate Episcopalian bishop from the south.  Tuesday, Karoline Lewis (my middler year preaching professor) engaged us in a lesser-known John text.  (My favorite line from Karoline’s sermon?  In listing the things that hold us back, the things that people tell us that stop us from continuing on a certain path – “You’re too pretty to be a minister.”  Funny.  “I’ve never been told such a thing,” Lindsay says in jest.)  Then today, Tom Long’s sermon literally gave me the chills and had me tearing up at one point.  It isn’t hope that’s running out of time – despair is running out of time.  It isn’t justice that running out of time – it’s injustice that will soon end.  It isn’t life that’s running out of time.  Death is running out of time.  We know how the story ends.  
I preached in my preaching lab on Monday – a wedding sermon.  I received a lot of positive feedback from my peers and the professor facilitating the group.  (According to the professor, I have a good “wedding voice.”  Huh.  Okay.)  It’s been a month since I’ve preached; I think I missed it.  Luckily, I have a preaching engagement with my home congregation approaching.  I’ll be preaching to my friends at East Koshkonong on Sunday the 17th for the first time.  It will be exciting to preach at my home stomping ground!

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