three "for" stories.

7 Oct
1. for cute.
I had written a letter to my four year old friend C. from Dawson a couple weeks ago.  Today I received a response letter from him!  Well, technically, it was his mom writing but it was told from his point-of-view and had his printed signature at the bottom.  It talked about how much he loves preschool and how his Sunday School classroom was filled with friends in the last couple weeks.  In the letter, C. wondered if we could be pen pals.  Heck yes!  I love pen pals.  I had a pen pal all through upper elementary and middle school – Leann Hawkins from New Jersey.  Time for a new one!

2. for sweet.
I’m using my Wednesday nights to lead a ninth grade confirmation group in Stillwater at Trinity, the church I worked at prior to internship.  There was a group that needed a leader for only this year and I was looking to get plugged into a church.  It works perfectly.  Even more perfect is the group of girls I was assigned.  I have the sweetest, most-engaged, awesome ninth graders.  Sure, sometimes they get off track, talking about their Bob (the code name for the guys they like), but we’re making plans to hold small group at Caribou and tie pillows to jazz up the institutional-like closet where we meet.  I look forward to my Wednesday nights.

3. for funny.
To think the following story is funny, you have to know a few things.  First, this is a conversation I had with M., the nearly five year old with whom I craft and love tape.  This conversation happened in the midst of her continuing to work, to tear tape, to craft.  Second, she’s a kid.  Third, it was all said in a very matter-of-fact way.  Fourth, I don’t consider myself a cat person.  (So maybe I’m cruel to think this is funny?)  Fifth, I never did have a chance to clarify the story with the parent when he arrived home but I really doubt the last part is true.

Me: Where’s Gilbert? (the second cat)
M: He’s dead.
Me: What?!
M: Yeah. He was throwing up all the time and he’s dead.
Me: Did you take him to the doctor? (I’m trying to figure out if they had him put to sleep or …)
M: No.
Me: Did he die here?
M: He’s in the basement.
Me: But dead?
M: Yeah. He’s in a bag. Do you want to go see him?
Me: No. That’s okay.

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