baby (quilt) excitement.

14 Oct
I talked to my friend, Deb, online today.  She asked me to read over her substitute teaching plans with the eyes of a former substitute and as her maternity leave will be here shortly.
Suddenly, I was so excited!  The maternity leave is in sight.  Baby will be here so soon and Deb as the mom is so excited to meet her daughter.  Hearing Deb’s excitement made me so excited … and thus, foregoing any obligation to homework or study, I went to work immediately on the quilt which will be my gift to the new baby and family.  I can’t wait to find more time to begin sewing and putting the quilt together.
I’ll finish this quilt for Baby I (as the baby is referred to – the name, beginning with I, is known only by mommy and daddy) and then need not worry about what quilt should come next — my dear friend from my first year at seminary, Kari, is due to have a baby in the first months of the new year!  I stood up in Kari’s wedding and we keep in close touch despite the distance that divides us from MN to Seattle.  I’m so very excited for Kari and her husband, Chris!

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