I joined –

15 Oct
– the Kindle club.
I’ve been dreaming and wanting the Kindle, the e-book reader by Amazon, for nearly a year now.  The confirmation students in Dawson knew this well and rarely a week went by when Kyler didn’t ask me if I had bought my “Kendall” yet.  Kyler: I finally did.  I joined the Kindle club.  And I feel pretty good about it.
It arrived in the mail today and it contributed greatly to my impressive procrastination of the day.  I’m learning the buttons, playing with features, and will honestly admit that I have read nothing on it yet but the user’s guide.  In due time.  My hope is that it will help me be more dedicated to leisure reading because I do enjoy a good non-theological read and think reading for fun will benefit my sanity.  There have been many books I have wanted to purchase in the past months but I’ve held off, knowing I would finally break down and buy a Kindle and thus be able to pay less money for the book at that point.
But for now, I must write a sermon and a final course paper.  No new books yet – let’s not get too excited.  I will indulge in a little Jane Austen – Mansfield Park was free!  That’s another great thing about the Kindle – hundreds of books with copyright dates before a certain year are free to download.  This e-reading device will pay for itself!  (I hope … that’s me trying to not feel guilty about the purchase …)

One Response to “I joined –”

  1. Karen October 20, 2010 at 8:28 am #

    Hi Lindsay,I will let Kyler know that you have purchased your "Kendall"! I still wish we would have purchased a Ken Doll for your going away "roast". That would have been quite the inside joke! Talk later! Karen

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