be thankful on paper.

21 Oct
Take Joey from Friends for example.  After asked what he is thankful for, he said, “I am thankful for this beautiful fall weather we’ve been having.  The other day, I was at the bus stop and a fall wind blew this one chick’s skirt right up.  [pause]  Which reminds me – I’m also thankful for thongs.”  (I sat down to write this post and by happenstance it was that episode of Friends that was on my television.  It begged for inclusion.)

Sometimes we focus more on the negative than we do on the blessings and people for which we should be thankful.  (Guilty as charged.)  Rachel, over on No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane, is proposing a snail mail campaign in the month of November – hand-written notes of thankfulness.  Not only is the being thankful a bit counter-cultural, but let’s write a pretty note, address the envelope, and put the stamped thank you in the mail.  Not an email.  Not a facebook message.  A thank you that arrives in the mailbox.

Here’s what will happen: Each Wednesday of November, I’ll send a hand-written note to someone in my life for whom I am thankful, telling that someone why I consider them a blessing in my life.  That next day, I’ll write a simple blog post about that note of thanks and the person to whom I wrote.
Along with other bloggers I know only through text and not by face, my Dancing Banana (translation: high school) friend, Jenni, is joining in on the thankfulness.  Read about the people she thanks for being in her life here beginning in November.  Have a blog and want to join in?  Visit Rachel’s blog linked above for further direction.  Don’t have a blog?  You can send snail mail thank you notes too.   Be thankful on paper this Thanksgiving!

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