the rogue rotary cutter.

23 Oct
I’m typically a pretty safe and lucky person when it comes to injuries.  (knock on wood)  With the exception of the minor sprained wrist a few summers ago and the popped knee-cap of ’01 and ’05 (Same knee-cap, two experiences of seeing it popped off to the side.  Once while on a bus and once while sitting on a bed.  Two amazingly lame injury stories if you ever want to hear them.), I have a pretty clean slate.  And the current injury is not serious in the least; it’s due to a rogue inanimate object – my rotary cutter.  Let this be a word of caution to you all … they bite.
I was cutting fabric to complete a case for my kindle and somehow, in moving this piece or that, my rotary cutter took a spill off the craft table and landed blade-down on my middle toe.  Masses of blood later, I’m fine.  No worries.  No stitches. (Once I was able to maneuver some paper towel between my other toes to cover the middle one, I was able keep working with momentary pauses to switch out the paper towel for new ones.)  I think it’s a good story.  And a good reason to shake my angry fist at the cutting tool and exercise greater caution in further cutting excursions.  (You should know I quilted/cut fabric last night injury-free. That’s not to say I wasn’t a little nervous and retracted my blade more than I ever had before the cutter went rogue …)
injured toe.  completed kindle case.

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