run for the apples.

23 Oct
As I talked to a classmate at lunch yesterday, we were discussing our weekend plans and I mentioned I was doing a five mile run/walk.  (Remember?  The one I thought was a 5k and not five miles …) He asked, “For the apples?”  That’s actually what it’s called – Run for the Apples.  It takes place at an apple orchard in White Bear Lake and, as Nick said yesterday, it kinda sounds like a benefit.  Run for the apples.  They need you.  Save the apples.  Do it for the apples.  Nick had bought an apple in the caf line; he held it up and inspired me by saying, “Run for this guy.”  
With that encouragement, I ran for the apples.  Well.  I ran and then I walked.  I walked and I ran.  I am in no way fit enough to run a solid five miles but I think I did pretty well.  Five miles in one hour and thirteen minutes.  I’ll take it.  To most runners, not so great a time.  Was I the last of the Luther Seminary crew to cross the finish line?  Yes.  But I’m okay with that.  A year ago, I never would have signed up or thought I could run any of it.  I’ll take my completion time and be proud of finishing. 
My run/walk buddy for most of the race.  At times ahead, at times behind, we finished together.  I never would have signed up if I didn’t have a buddy with whom to do it!
The campus nurse/wellness director encouraged students to sign up to do the race by giving us a free tshirt and paying half of our registration fee.  There were a good fifteen of us who took advantage of the hook and did the race sporting our Luther Seminary “Healthy Leaders” tshirts.  The group of sem students were great to cheer everyone on as the finished.  Cheering me on at the finish line was also a surprise spectator from Dawson!  Long story short, Stacy – whose now fourth-grade son, J., is one I would speak about often in previous posts – was there with her sister, Carrie (who was signing autographs because she is an Olympic runner), and Stacy just happened to be at the finish line as I crossed it.  (phew.  Got that?)  Stacy and I both only had a bit of time to chat – but she said she’d be sure to tell Kendall back at Grace that she saw me finish! 

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