be thankful on paper (1).

4 Nov
Way back when, I signed up to be thankful on paper this month.  Together with many other bloggers, including the creator at No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane and my friend, Jenni, at After the Chapel, I agreed to send a written thank you note every Wednesday in November and then to write about that person on Thursday.  Installment one is here. [Hop on over to No. 17 to read other thankful on paper blogs!]

I sent out six thank you notes yesterday.  One went to Illinois, another to Texas, still another to Indiana, and three to Wisconsin.  I couldn’t thank just one so I thank all six of my Dancing Banana friends.  My high school gals.  I love them to bits, eight years out of school and separated in five states.  This is what I sent to each of them with a personal note – 

(click on the note to make it bigger and easier to read)

That youtube video I mentioned?  You’ll hate me later … though actually, no.  Don’t hate me.  Hate my friend, Kim.  She’s the one who finds these things and shares them … but I secretly love it.  And love Kim.  “CHICKEN!”

2 Responses to “be thankful on paper (1).”

  1. hannah singer November 4, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

    this is terrific! thanks for sharing!

  2. he calls me wifey November 10, 2010 at 5:11 pm #

    that is such a cute and funny letter!! thanks for sharing!~Andrea

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