taking guesses.

4 Nov
I’m waiting for a package.  A gift.  My sister, with two friends, went to CO to visit our older brother last week.  Apparently, she found something so great, so wonderful, so Lindsay that she just HAD to buy it.  (Her words.)  She’s texted me or told me about this mystery thing at least five times.  Oh, you’re going to love it, she says.  When are you coming home next?  Because if it’s not until thanksgiving, I’ll mail it to you.  
Apparently, it can’t wait two weeks until I’m home for break.  She texted me tonight – 
[[ okay, then I’m mailing your awesome gift tomorrow.  hope you’re prepared for it. ]]
Prepared?  What could it be?  I guessed a gnome scarf – the combination of two of my most favorite things – but she said no.  It was better.
What’s better than a gnome scarf?  

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