{ make and share these }

7 Nov
I decided it was time for a mini-break this weekend of past – time well-spent with my favorite college roomie and her adoring husband.  I’m ever so thankful for my friendship with the pair and the fact that I feel comfortable simply inviting myself over.  My mom always told me it was rude to invite myself over to friends’ houses but I think that guideline went out the window when the friends started living in their own places.  I have a handful of close wonderful friends with whom I know (I think?) they welcome me inviting myself over.  Joe and Amanda are a pair of those friends.

I arrived and we made our plans for the 24 hours of my stay.  Said plans seemed to revolve around food and church.  We decided upon lunch out at a favorite restaurant, lasagna for supper, and these.  Amanda delightfully suggested that we make good on my fall list and either bake a pie or make the pumpkin cinnamon rolls.  We went with the cinnamon rolls … and now I must work out each night this week to correct that damage.  They. were. delicious.  

While at the store, they also picked up a pomegranate.  Never before had I watched the dissection of or ate the seeds inside.  The seeds were great to snack on as we prepared our evening meal on Saturday and apparently are filled with vitamins and other good stuff.  They will become my sickness-prevention food.
What else did we find at the grocery store?  Wine.  Wine by the title of my nickname, Sweet Pea.  It was a blackberry-flavored apple wine which was quite tasty.  (As was only to be expected by a wine of that name.)

{ get lost in a corn maze }
{ bake a pie }
{ prepare a pot of chili, beer bread, invite friends over to enjoy }
{ step on the crunchy leaves }
{ sew a baby quilt }
{ homemade pizza on the pizza stone }
{ attend a wine tasting }
{ make and share these }
{ 10k training – the hiatus is over – it’s back on }
{ find a fall festival }
{ cabin weekend. a hike to the fire tower }
{ scarves.  puffy vests.  boots. }
{ read a for-fun book }
{ cheer on the twins from target field }
{ take a stroll around a lake } 
{ pick my own pumpkin.  carve.  light. }

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