I won! I won!

8 Nov
You know when you go to those restaurants and the hostess gives you the little light-beeper thing that shakes when your table is ready?  In high school when going out with friends, that sort of event required the one holding the light-beeper thing to jump up and yell, “I won!  I won!” when it started to shake.  
That story?  Very little to do with the actual purpose of this post.  
I received a mysterious check in my campus mailbox last week.  A check from the business office here at seminary.  I was utterly confused.  I mean, Luther sending me money is typically a good thing but why?  I look on the attached info sheet and it reads thus: “Honorable Mention in Intern Stewardship.”  To break that down into normal-people’s talk – 
The seminary holds a stewardship sermon contest for interns.  Interns can submit a financial stewardship sermon that they preached while on internship.  I preached and I submitted.  (With many thanks to Grace’s Summer of Stewardship preaching opportunities!)  And I won!  Well.  I won one of three honorable mentions. Not the big prize.  Or the second biggest prize.  (There are my inner jackals – the ways in which I down-talk myself.)  But hey – honorable mention! 
I accept.

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