I’m a senior.

16 Nov
The top five ways I feel like a senior:
(in no particular order)
5.  The Rostered Leader Profile.  (The paperwork that will go to the powers that be to decide my placement fate for first call.)  Frankly, I’m to the point that I’d rather fill that out than do my homework.
4.  I sat in the library for an hour and a half desperately trying to complete reading for a class.  In the midst of it, I realized that I don’t think that specific reading will ever serve me in my ministry.  Not to mention I remember little of it.  I’m done reading for class.  (Really?  No … but I’m tempted to quit.)
3.  I had a paper due this morning.  I had class last night.  Instead of being the good, dedicated student and retreating straight to my apartment after class to complete the paper, I went out to the favorite seminary bar.  With my professor/academic advisor and a group of other seniors.  I was invited into the cool crowd for a night and had a blast.  (It was my first time at the seminary bar – a shock to many that I had never been.  This, however, does not mean I will go crazy and also eat the chocolate mint pudding pie served in the caf.  I’m still morally opposed to that.)
2.   I’m more focused on upcoming social events and breaks than concentrating on papers and reading.  Thanksgiving break is three days out.  Christmas break a short two and a half weeks after that.  I’ve been excitedly planning my birthday party which will hopefully include a hamball dinner with friends (I’ll be using Mary O.’s recipe if I can just find myself some ground ham in the Cities …), volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, and cake balls.  (A ball theme?  I think so.  Party hats?  Most definitely.)  A Christmas party?  Probably that too.
1.  Three weeks left in semester plus one January term and spring semester.  Pretty soon that general countdown will have a number of days attached until graduation. 

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