musical wkend.

16 Nov
#1.  My friend, Cassie, and I have held tickets to the needtobreathe concert at First Ave. in Minneapolis for many months now.  On Saturday, the day was finally here and it did not disappoint.  Needtobreathe was amazing with a nearly perfect set list and a completely unplugged encore.  They came back on stage with a banjo, guitar, mandolin, & minimal percussion, quieted the crowd, and sang with no microphones, no amplification.  Cassie’s reaction?  “I just peed a little.”  (She says that when she gets really excited.  Another example that elicits such a response would be today when the salad bar in the caf had spinach in addition to lettuce.)
#2.  One of the advantages of being back on campus as a senior and not working in a congregation is the opportunity to check out all sorts of worship experiences.  Country gospel?  Great.  My friend, Sara, and I drove south to Farmington to the classic Norwegian Lutheran church on the prairie.  The country gospel band had already began when we arrived (We stopped at the wrong church first.  Opps.) so we scooted up to the balcony.  There we had the perfect view of the six member band up front in their matching white shirts and red ties.  (Not kidding.)  There were moments that I enjoyed the old-style country of it all but it was during the Lord’s Prayer that Sara and I nearly lost it.  As the man with the deep voice spoke the prayer over the country twang, it was a bit too Lawrence Welk for my taste.  (To speak of Lawrence Welk and not link here would be completely unacceptable.)  Neither Sara nor I could look at each other for fear of being disrespectful in a fit of giggles; I looked away and said, “Dead cats, dead cats, dead cats,” over and over in my head.  It helped.
#3.  Sunday afternoon I met and hugged many of my favorite Dawson-dwellers at the Sounds Like Love concert.  SLL is an annual weekend choir festival for high schoolers.  Churches across the midwest send groups of musical teenagers to spend the weekend just outside the Cities preparing for a mass concert.  The Agape Singers, based in Dawson, are annual participants.  The concert was wonderful and the absolute additional perk was seeing and hugging Grace co-workers Kendall, Emily, Karen, Tammy (who all have kids in Agapes), Chris (who directs the Agapes), and many other Dawson people.  It was those encounters that prompted my facebook status of Sunday — Lindsay is thankful for many hugs today.  If smiling is Elf’s favorite, hugging is mine.

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